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Linux Benchmarks Of Many Lightweight Window Managers

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  • Linux Benchmarks Of Many Lightweight Window Managers

    Phoronix: Linux Benchmarks Of Many Lightweight Window Managers

    An individual has been doing a lot of benchmarks recently from various lightweight window managers ranging from Openbox to Fvwm2 to Fluxbox with Compton and Awesome and Cairo-compmgr...

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    My installed system is Kubuntu 14.04 amd64. Applications used in benchmarks are from Ubuntu repository and phoronix test suite. Exception is cairo-compmgr compiled from source. Source is from
    Every benchmark was done after restart. Then I don't logged via lightdm but via ctrl-alt-f1 ctrl-alt-f2 to accordingly root and normal account. Then from root I stopped lightdm service and started X via: "DISPLAY=:0; export DISPLAY=:0; /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc &" and on normal account started window manager example: "DISPLAY=:0 ; export DISPLAY=:0 ; awesome &"
    Configuration for Compton in tests: "Openbox with tint2 and compton", "Fluxbox with compton and tint2", "Fvwm2 with compton and tint2" was copy-pasted form In test "Openbox with compton" configuration was removed and compton was starded via command: "compton -c --backend glx --vsync opengl-swc --paint-on-overlay --glx-no-stencil --glx-no-rebind-pixmap &".


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      i3-wm would be very interesting, I think even more users than awesome-wm use it and its clearly faster than awesome-wm.

      maybe I am wrong but this are the 2 biggest tiling wms


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        List of test is shorter but is in my opinion long enought. Here you are i3 with compton and i3 with unagi: