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Qt3D, QtOpenCL Spark New Interest

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  • Qt3D, QtOpenCL Spark New Interest

    Phoronix: Qt3D, QtOpenCL Spark New Interest

    Lately there's been some discussion about Qt3D and QtOpenCL...

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    Being able to use GPGPU would be good.
    There are many things that can be done faster on a GPU than on a CPU outside the domain of computer games or pure graphics.
    Physics effects or photo editing. GUI acceleration and all kinds of nifty effects done by the GPU instead of the CPU.

    The CPU is already running all the programs, doing the most work. More unloading of the CPU is going to make things faster (more performance and qucker response times) and that is a very good thing.
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      I'm very happy about this - as someone who uses Qt5, this is very good news. I hope I can take advantage of the openCL part on ARM with the Mali drivers, though I won't keep my hopes up.