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GNOME 3.12 Will Let You Disable Geolocation Support

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    Originally posted by omer666 View Post
    I don't understand what you mean, what privacy leak? What crashes? Unity only uses GTK3 and Nautilus, the latter being candidate for replacement in the near future, so I don't see how it relies so much on GNOME3. Also are you able to use proper English? Thanks in advance.
    geolocation services chrash, unity uses eog, evince, gnome terminal, gedit, gnome control center, gvfs,


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      Originally posted by wargames View Post
      Yes, too bad XFCE depends on GTK+ which is controlled by the GNOME team. I'm waiting for Wayland+Hawaii...
      controlled by Gnome morrons... here, i fixed it for you. Gnome is completely destroying Gtk, since Gtk is now not what users need, but what Gnome needs.

      One only needs to watch planned DEPRECATED features and see that it is time to fork Gtk while there is still time. bunch of widgets that were removed were removed not because people wouldn't use them, but because Gnome didn't use them. same thing is planned for 4.0. now, if anyone needs proof they should just read Cinnamon troubles with Gtk post 3.6

      last straw in my head was fitting all default dialogs in Gtk with buttons in title. wtf, can't they do that in Gnome Gtk extension? like destroying really viable desktop was not enough, let's destroy toolkit too


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        Only sane comment so far

        Originally posted by monraaf View Post
        Are you sure? I thought that geolocation is a new feature. Don't worry, every application will ask you for a permission to access your location. Now you will be able to disable it completely if you are paranoid about privacy. There will also be an indicator when an application uses the GeoClue Daemon. Geolocation is awesome feature, it can be used to set up your timezone automatically, weather location, language, maps, navigation... It will use data from Mozilla Location Service. Here you can test your location.
        If you want to help out GNOME as well as Mozilla, you can install an Android app MozStumbler. Here you can see the map of geolocated data.
        This is by far the only sane comment.

        Many of the commenter doesn't even bother to understand what this GeoLocation API is before dumping their non-sense hates.

        And for anyone having problem with GNOME 3.10 on Ubuntu, please report it in bug tracker of your distro. BTW only a handful of gnome app are utilizing this API and service now such as Map and World Clock. Thus if Evince or Totem broke, it's very unlikely this API's fault.