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KDE's Plasma-Next Gets A Release Date

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    Originally posted by nerdopolis View Post
    Are you saying that the version number is going to doom the project?
    Don't know. Maybe, although I hope not.
    With that version scheme it's not possible to tell ? just by looking at the version number ? that it's the Plasma 2.0 release. For less experienced users this could interpret it as more mature than a regular dot-0 release.


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      Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post

      They're actively asking people to step up and contribute. Please do so, if you think you can fix the defaults.
      Way to go smitty. You scared off all the people who keep mentioning that they do not like Plasma's default look.

      Actually, the same thing happened on Reddit. When Plasma Next got some screenshots, the whole Reddit thread was fiiled with "KDE sucks, the spacing between icons is off." However, the Reddit thread based off this "Visual Design Group" is basically empty (at least of this post). I guess those Reddit-ers know the old phrase: "put up or shut up."

      Reddit thread on Plasma 2 Preview
      Reddit thread on KDE Visual Design Group