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GTK+ In GNOME 3.12 Gets New "Popovers" Feature

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    It's pretty obvious that these so-called "popovers" are meant for tablets and mobile phones, as can been seen in this picture:


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      Originally posted by devius View Post
      Except if they work like they do in OSX, where you can't move/resize the popover out of the way to check the contents of the window before making a decision. In the case where the popover presents options and to make a decision you have to remember what was being displayed in the main window.

      But, I think these popovers are not like that, and actually look like something well designed and useful. It's for things that would not be done with a info/warning dialog at all, but more like a tooltip on mouse over:
      VLC and ProjectM are examples of similar behavior on Linux, where the preferences window is locked on top of the main window; forcing you to close it before knowing what you've actually done. I cannot even begin to describe the hate I feel towards it.


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        Popovers does sound more like a roll than a UI feature. They basically look like interactive tooltips. I think they should be called intertips. Almost sounds dirty.