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Gedit For GNOME 3.12 Receives Brand New UI

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    Originally posted by Pawlerson View Post
    The best example was inability to change fonts easily. You had to use text editor or some third party tool.
    You had to hold Alt to show shutdown menu
    Well, no. You can use GNOME Tweak Tool which is developed by GNOME developers as is hosted in and released along with new GNOME versions.

    No, you don't need use to alt either for the shutdown option (there is no separate menu for shutdown).

    Bottom right icon. There are current issues that needs to be dealt with but you are not pointing out any of them.


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      Normally the people who get the least work done are the ones who brag how productive their WM/DE is.

      Personal observation.


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        Originally posted by Pawlerson View Post
        Those are hard arguments unlike "KDE is cluttered" which was an only Kostas' argument. And he called me troll. :>
        Please, Pawlerson. I've seen enough posts of yours to know this account is only slightly above the likes of Funkstar and BOSS.

        FWIW I was commenting on the screenshot, which did as far as I'm concerned look terrible.


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          Originally posted by droidhacker View Post

          I tried to adapt to gnome 3.x through the use of plugins, but nautilus was the last straw -- it is very thoroughly crippled. Although it is possible to still switch the location bar into TEXT mode, there is no button available to step up into the parent directory.
          Well, from this comment alone i can tell that you have not really tried to use GNOME 3.x ... You are just trolling...

          Tell me, what do you need an "up" button for? Nautilus keeps your current path as buttons at the top, you can press any directory and go back to it.

          Nautilus opens showing home directory by default. If you need to browse your filesystem, it is faster to press the link to / from the left, than any "up" button.

          For the rare occassion that you want to browse other home directories, then selecting the filesystem->home->directory will require one more click. Big deal. If that matters a lot to you, make a shortcut of it at the left of nautilus...

          All in all, the "up" button is NOT REQUIRED, it is actually CLUTTER, and an ancient relic from the days of Windows...