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The Biggest Problem With GTK & What Qt Does Good

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    As a user I've always loved GTK2, even not minding it on Windows but GTK3 is just regressions, self-serving deluded maintainers, hell for people who make the themes and braindead crap like the "Recently Used" folders in file save/open dialogs. Last thing that got me irked is the Yahtzee Gnome game : the first, quite important column with the dice constantly resizes itself as the couple words below the dice change, as you play the game. In my language at least. So what was a simple, enjoyable game is now a source of irritation as the display "jumps" every single time you roll the dice. What a pity!

    Of course, suffices to say the "Recently Used" feature, on top of leaking data to other people who use your computer (like porn files you've opened or other stuff), makes me navigate the folder hierarchy manually every single time I do a File Open or File Save in a GTK3 application, instead of remembering the last used folder as GTK2 does. They're using their latest software tech to make it as cumbersome as using a fucking Motif/Lesstif application.

    I'll keep using a GTK2 desktop : Mate, my other option being also a GTK2 one (LXDE). Lxde is moving to Qt, but the GTK2 version (esp. pcmanfm) will coexist for a while

    GTK3 is such a failure, I've just recently read about a developer wondering if he should build an entirely new application with GTK2, GTK3 or something else. Guess what.