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A Qt5 Opera-Inspired Browser To Ring In The New Year

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    Tab stacking please. i have not seen any one do tab stacking/management like opera 12.


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      hellofu, it is planned too (it is listed as grouping in TODO), but almost for sure will require custom drawing of tab bar widget which is pretty complex (at least when tab rearranging is enabled), but I have few ideas how to implement it (the only hard part is to properly draw grouped tabs) while not reimplementing whole drawing procedure. ;-)


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        Originally posted by busukxuan View Post
        Yes that's flash's problem, as I said in the parenthesis in my last reply, but I haven't encountered it for months.
        It may be flash's problem, but the same videos played fine in opera with the same flash library, so chromium must have something to do with it as well!

        Originally posted by busukxuan View Post
        After saving the file, you can just press the file's box on the download bar, and chrome will open your file with the default application you set. You don't really have to locate it manually. Also beside the box of the file there is a dropdown menu, in it there are "Open file" "Show in folder"(which opens the folder it's located with your default file explorer) and an option to automatically open any file of its MIME type as download completes (which is unrecommended due to security reasons). If you happen to close the download bar, then just press Ctrl+J to open the download page in a new tab. In the download page, clicking the file opens it, and there's also a "show in folder" button below each item.
        I know it is easy to locate the file, but you still have to go through the process of cleaning up your downloads folder in order to get rid of the temporary files I opened that would otherwise be automatically stored in my ram-assigned /tmp or whatnot. It's driving my OCD nuts!

        Originally posted by busukxuan View Post
        Extensions are better in that each extension can have its very specific job and thus do things better, and they're modular too. However since they rely on third-party extensions, it might not be as good as browser-integrated features. IMHO it's a pro as well as a con so there's no saying if it's better or worse to use extensions. Do mind that Google does release official extensions though. They even released an input method extension.
        I don't mind having extensions around, although there is always the security risk, and modularity is a big plus in order to keep the browser light and fast. I am merely pointing out that many of the features present in opera by default were implemented in other browsers as extensions because they were so useful. To me, that is a sign that Opera was ahead of its time in terms of user friendliness.

        And please keep in mind that I have nothing against Chromium per se, I think it's way better than Firefox in Linux. It's just that I was using Opera for many years and I was a big fan of all the cool features that Opera introduced and others copied.


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          Originally posted by phoronix View Post
          Phoronix: A Qt5 Opera-Inspired Browser To Ring In The New Year

          Launching on 1 January 2014 to kick-off the new year is yet another open-source web-browser. What this latest open-source browser is about is having a new Qt5-based web-browser for power users that's inspired by the old Opera browser...


          After being a long time lurker here on phoronix, I finally decided to jump in just to say thank You for this project.

          I believe I can speak in the name of any user disgusted by the U turn made from the actual Opera management, and in the name of anyone still believes in a free Internet, managed by the user's needs and not from the ones of few big brothers.

          I hope in a fast development, in a great support to the project, in short in a great success.

          I hope you will prioritize the development of the functions missing in any other browser aside the real good old Opera, Mail/Rss client above anything else.

          Have a nice and productive 2014 !

          The Solutor


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            The Solutor, yeah, both advanced Opera features and these developed by others since it regressed. Also I have few aces in my sleeve, in private TODOs. ;-)
            All that makes sense for power users (but not all enabled by default).

            BTW, am I correctly assuming that this was your comment (I'm tracking comments scattered over Internet ;-))?

            Happy new year.

            2014 starts with a little hope from an unespected direction.

            Looks like there is still intelligent life on the earth
            New "Opera" versions are really so bad? I haven't tried to install them when I've seen initial news (I was following desktop team blog, and was already annoyed by long battles to regain such small but nice features like favicons in drop down menu of address field), also they no longer support my platform. :-P

            And note for those experiencing crashes, please refer to this ticket, this might be upstream Flash issue plaguing some users. You can try to disable plugins for now, that comment describes how to do that.

            And again big thanks for Phoronix for covering this, I've sent note only here and it propagated very nicely. :-)


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              Originally posted by Emdek View Post
              hellofu, it is planned too (it is listed as grouping in TODO), but almost for sure will require custom drawing of tab bar widget which is pretty complex (at least when tab rearranging is enabled), but I have few ideas how to implement it (the only hard part is to properly draw grouped tabs) while not reimplementing whole drawing procedure. ;-)
              This is awesome news! One of the main reasons I didn't leave Opera 12 yet was the poor tab management all other browsers offer.

              Tab stacks are mostly useful with the extensions AutoStack and Tab Accordion, though.

              AutoStack for grouping tabs automatically by opening all child tabs on the same stack:
              Tab Accordion for automatically expanding the active stack and contracting all others:
              I really hope such features may be implemented as well!
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                Originally posted by Emdek View Post

                BTW, am I correctly assuming that this was your comment (I'm tracking comments scattered over Internet ;-))?
                Indeed, it's mine

                New "Opera" versions are really so bad?
                I consider the new version (if coupled with a bunch of extensions) a good (and very fast) browser.

                The problem is that I consider the real Opera light years better than anything else, I guess there's no need to explain to you why.

                The other problem is that even people like David Rosca (the main Qupzilla developer) aren't agreeing with me about the needs of the average Opera user. He consider Qupzilla a minimal/lightweight browser and nothing else. So qupzilla is nice, it resembles Opera on many aspects, but is far from being a real alternative to my beloved Internet tool.

                So I can't be more happy to see someone who share my point of view, especially if "someone" is a good developer. (I'm a more than experienced user, I have good knowledge about practically any OS since the DOS days, but I'm all but a coder).

                So, again, my best wishes for 2014
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                  I'll do my best to fulfill needs of Opera users, especially that I have the same needs. ;-)


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                    Originally posted by pejakm View Post
                    You can not have everything at once, you need to be patient for a while:
                    Thx for that link. I'll keep an eye on it.


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                      First off I've got to point out some awesome stuff you've done right (and there is no but to follow up with that). First off the fact that you're even working on this makes me immensely happy, someone who not only is capable though seems to grasp what OTHER people think, that is a rarity in positions of power. Secondly the fact that you didn't say, "okay, so to use it you need to compile..." which people should be slapped for; most people interested don't know how to compile and you even made DEB installers available, righteous!

                      Opera was always second because of it's GUI (in both positive and negative terms). If you want the GUI to appeal to most users by default the buttons should have icons with text labels on the SIDE. Google apparently hates GUI so much they removed the plus icon from the blob they call a button.

                      From left-to-right, top-to-bottom my GUI in Firefox...

                      [Toolbar 1
                      Full File Menu [<-------->] Web Developer Toolbar

                      [Toolbar 2
                      Back, Forward, Reload, Stop, Home | Bookmarks, Downloads, History, Full Screen, New Tab, Paste & Go, Print [] [] [] [Search Form] [] [] [] Adblock Plus, Firebug, Tab Groups

                      [Toolbar 3
                      Address Bar, Bookmarks Toolbar

                      [Toolbar 4

                      I hear it all the time, "Why don't you just use keyboard shortcuts?" I do though I've probably got about four dozen GUI items at the top of Firefox and I will use the keyboard or GUI based on what my brain decides is most natural at the moment.

                      My bookmarks toolbar bookmarks are almost all just favicons and there are a couple folders in there too.

                      I think a having an options to mouseover the downloads menu (and moving the mouse upwards if you mouseover by mistake with minimal to no padding on the top) is the way to go. Why click when you can simply mouse over? And have it show the list there without opening another darn window.

                      I use CTRL+Tab and CTRL+SHIFT+Tab so much I have them as macros on my Logitech G110 keyboard and I prefer Firefox's style of just switching to the next/previous tab, I don't need previews and all that.

                      While Firefox doesn't let you vertically move toolbars up and down (moving the tab bar BELOW the main toolbar because your GUI should give you control OVER the content) it does at least let you move most items to any toolbar unless you're talking about the toolbar itself, then you have to resort to lame hacks. I like the ability to drag the toolbar to the sides (left/right/top/bottom) though being able to drag the tab bar below the address bar would be a leap over Opera. I also like having my bookmarks toolbar bookmarks on the same toolbar as the address bar; I've got a 1920x1200 screen, even retardedly long URLs aren't going to waste all the space and as you can see I simply greatly reduce or usually outright remove text labels from bookmarks.

                      Here is a screenshot I took recently after Mozilla decided they too want to completely destroy the ability to have a sane GUI in their quest to copy Chrome. I don't understand some people, no GUI is NOT a GUI! This set of screenshots I took around the end of November or early December.

                      I'm totally going to post about the Otter Browser on my blog in a bit. You should seriously consider doing some crowdfunding, I don't have much though I'd certainly chip in what I can if this turns out to be a serious long term project.