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Enlightenment 0.18 Released With Many New Features

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    Originally posted by gens View Post
    why so much insults
    i do know what compositing means...
    whats your problem ?
    First, I want to point out I liked your scientific attitude towards the argument.
    Secondly, I haven't seen any insults. It is true that there are several people clueless on how compositing works, and that those people tend to think compositing == pretty effects. That's the closest I saw to an insult, and it's not really that close to one.


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      Originally posted by mrugiero View Post
      Enlightenment is not the toolkit, is the DE. And you can run whatever software, using whatever toolkit. The only difference is that the desktop will not share the libs, leading to a slight increase in memory use. But again, if compositing is not a problem, an extra library in use is probably not a problem either.
      On the video card upgrade, what for? Compositing should work in almost any card from 2006 and later, probably some older ones too.

      What I wonder is if it bypasses composition for fullscreen applications.
      of course it does. google for benchmarks on performance and compositing that involve enlightenment (e17, etc.). there is EXPLICITLY an option to turn this on or off in the compositor settings (and is on by default).