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Kdenlive's Video Editing Future Has Been Revived

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  • Kdenlive's Video Editing Future Has Been Revived

    Phoronix: Kdenlive's Video Editing Future Has Been Revived

    Last month I wrote how the Kdenlive project had gone dark after the KDE video editing software's leader had gone missing. Fortunately, the maintainer is alive and well and there's renewed hope for new developments within Kdenlive...

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    Kdenlive, love, love, love.


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      Michael, can chance you can track down what exactly Till's redesign entails? This is the first I'm here of it and it'd be very nice if you could toss up an article covering the "old" design and the "new" redesign
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        Good, good news
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          Originally posted by e8hffff View Post
          Kdenlive, love, love, love.
          Kdenlove then


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            Excellent news.


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              I have huge respect for Vincent right now. He not only revived a nearly dead (yet high potential) project, but he managed to motivate the original creator AND get others to contribute, all without having the need to fork it into yet-another video editor.

              Seriously, way to go Vincent. I wish more people took action like you in the open source world - by bringing the community together and preventing fragmentation.