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OpenDocument ODF Support Coming To The Web

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  • OpenDocument ODF Support Coming To The Web

    Phoronix: OpenDocument ODF Support Coming To The Web

    WebODF is a new open-source projet that allows ODF document files to be displayed within a web-browser. WebODF is used by the new OwnCloud release for its collaborative, web-based ODF file editing...

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    ODF needs to firefox and chrome support to be successful, IMO.


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      WebODF not a new project

      WebODF has actually been around for quite some time now and is actively worked on.

      For example it has been part of a presentation at Akademy earlier this year, including showing collaborative editing in action.



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        Well, for one thing it is good that ODF receives even more support and dissemination.
        But on the other hand: Do browsers really have to be the "eierlegende Wollmilchsau" / jack of all trades? Once browsers would show HTML and pure text. Then images, which makes sense. Later sound. Well. And then videos by plugins, now by HTML standards. Then the buggy pdfjs came and now ODF while PDF isn't even completely working.
        I mean, I am just worried about adding more ballast to the already heavy browsers (anyone remember FF being an outtake of Mozilla because they said Mozilla is too large? FF isn't faster or anything than Seamonkey today), and also adding more opportunities for bugs and security issues.
        Still - if there is web editable documentary and stuff ODF is the way to go.
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          My understanding is that this does not add anything to the browsers but utilises what they can already do.