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Fedora 20 Ends Up With Yet Another Delay

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  • Fedora 20 Ends Up With Yet Another Delay

    Phoronix: Fedora 20 Ends Up With Yet Another Delay

    Delays are very common within the Fedora camp and while the Fedora developers had preemptively moved up the final release after a number of one-week delays already got into the schedule, it was decided yesterday to push back the final release by one week...

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    "The blocker bugs affecting the final release mainly come down to numerous Anaconda installer issues, the Fedup upgrade utility, the Fedora release notes, and there's also a few KDE bugs making the blocker list. "

    Note on reading the blocker list: if it says ON_QA, MODIFIED or VERIFIED it's probably basically fixed already. NEW or ASSIGNED ones are the ones actually holding us up at any given point.

    Right now, for instance, the only bug in the accepted blocker list that we couldn't include a fix for in a new build is . (864198 and 1000893 are both actually 'fixed' but their status doesn't reflect this for dull reasons you don't want to know and I don't want to explain...)