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Google Chrome 31 Plays With Portable Native Client

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  • Google Chrome 31 Plays With Portable Native Client

    Phoronix: Google Chrome 31 Plays With Portable Native Client

    Google has put out Chrome 31 and with it comes a good few new features for the cross-platform web-browser...

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    There is also a 'pepper.js' to compile pnacl native code into javascript for other browsers which do not support pnacl.


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      So Chromebooks/ChromeOS support Netflix via NaCL. Anyone have any guesses how long until Netflix re-builds their application for PNaCL? I'm hoping to see it happen, as that'd give anyone with Chrom[e|ium] and x86/x86-64/arm the ability to stream Netflix and run other applications.

      Lack of availability of Netflix on Linux x86-64 is one of the main reasons that my wife and I aren't subscribers. Yes, I'm aware of the wine-based ppa that supposedly makes it work... but that's more hoops than I'm willing to jump through.

      If there's pepper.js which provides compatibility for non-chrome browsers, so much the better.


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        But converting native code to JavaScript is a horrible idea. It is not some wonderful alternative. Why do people pick native code in the first place? Because JavaScript performance is garbage! If any PNaCl app happens to work in pepper.js, arguably it could have been coded in JavaScript in the first place and worked in non-Chrome browsers.