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Wine 1.7.5 Has... Font, Unicode Improvements

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  • Wine 1.7.5 Has... Font, Unicode Improvements

    Phoronix: Wine 1.7.5 Has... Font, Unicode Improvements

    Wine 1.7.5 was released today but if you were hoping it would feature the Direct3D command stream improvements, you will sadly be let down...

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    As awesome as games are, getting work done is probably more useful on the whole. As someone whose favorite games are already on consoles (I'm not a huge FPS buff), I've always hoped WINE could do more to make my job easier by allowing me to do more creative work without virtualization/dual-booting.

    Instead, I've found ways of moving my entire creative workflow to open source tools (the easiest transition being Blender, since it's just amazing). But I think it would be neat if more people could do their jobs on Linux, as I do, and bug fixes that prevent crashes in certain programs (like those in this release) get us closer to that possibility.

    Of course, with Steam coming to Linux and giving us a lot more hope for games in the future, perhaps I should be hoping for official support more than unofficial compatibility. Many people wouldn't want to do their jobs on Linux if they could only do it 'unofficially' (i.e. without support).


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      This isn't really a letdown. Font rendering has been a huge issue on WINE in the past. For example, Windows Firefox under WINE was completely unreadable last time I tried it. (Not that you'd need Firefox under WINE, but for WINE to be considered complete, all Windows programs must work properly.)


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        I agree that Font rendering has been an issue, but I don't think it's been that big of an issue. I think Compatibility/Performance is a much larger issue and should be the focus of development while treating issues such as Font rendering; as side issues to be resolved by any random passerby.


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          It's progress with a lot of background work. No reason to not appreciate it.