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LibreOffice OpenGL Canvas Merged

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  • LibreOffice OpenGL Canvas Merged

    Phoronix: LibreOffice OpenGL Canvas Merged

    For nearly two years there's been a feature branch of LibreOffice to provide an OpenGL-based canvas implementation to LibreOffice. This OpenGL canvas has now finally been merged into the open-source office suite...

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    Will this be a one-up on MS Office, or did we just catch up?


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      Originally posted by xeekei View Post
      Will this be a one-up on MS Office, or did we just catch up?
      Nothing Microsoft does is OpenGL accelerated. Perhaps, DirectX, but definitely not OpenGL.

      This is a catch up of sorts to OS X and it's OpenGL acceleration [though not as rich] which one gets in all Cocoa apps running on OS X, like iWorks, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Xcode, Safari, etc.


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        Good progress. Graphical tasks belong on the GPU.
        It's crazy how slow the transition of graphical tasks from CPU to GPU is going for GUI applications.

        High quality image scaling for all kinds of images and motion blur while scrolling would be easier on the eyes.


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          I hope this will stay as an option. GL by default would not only remove platforms, but also incur needless overhead for most 2d tasks.


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            It's full of deprecated OpenGL usage T_T glBegin makes me cry...