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Question about wine and LMMS

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  • Question about wine and LMMS

    LMMS - Linux Multi Media Studio.

    In this program you can load software synthesizers / drum computers.

    These plugins are called vst(i) and are .dll files.

    LMMS uses on Linux, wine to load these .dll files.

    Some work some don't, I am used to that.

    But there is one plugin I would really like to use.

    To test if this plugin works, I also installed LMMS on Win 7 pro.
    No problem there when loading the .dll file.

    Back to Linux, openSUSE 12.3 64 bit and wine.

    The plugin loads but then wine and LMMS both freeze.

    Now my question:

    When I encounter problem on openSUSE, I usual start a program from the command-line, and see if there are errors or something I understand.
    But it seems you can't start wine this way?
    When I tried, the commandline told me, I have to type wine and the program I want to start.
    That's were my problem starts. Wine does not run lmms, lmms runs native on Linux, but I want to see the output from wine.
    And a .dll file is not a program? or is it ?

    And wine Rhytmus.dll gives me
    [email protected]:~> wine Rythmus.dll
    wine: cannot find L"C:\\windows\\system32\\Rythmus.dll"
    I am totally confused. I do understand wine can't find the .dll file in system32, because its stored in a folder in lmms, like all the vst I use, and which do work.

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    It's a shared library, you can't run it.


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      Thank you for the confirmation.

      But isn't there a way, that I can see why wine crashes ?

      With other programs on Linux its as simple as starting it from the commandline, but wine does not work in this way.


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        If it actually uses wine you can try setting the WINEDEBUG environment variable ( ) before starting the program from the command line.


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          Thank you that should do the trick.