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    Originally posted by Thaodan View Post
    If you open a file in a smb:// share KDE downloads it for you and says the programm to open the tmp file.
    This doesn't seem to work anymore in most KDE distros that I've tried... Opening the file from dolphin in dragon player or smplayer just does nothing. And even if it did its still far worse than with gvfs because I have to download a huge video file instead of just streaming it.

    Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
    I don't see how you can mount a share without configuring anything - you still need to tell the system where the share is found and how to handle it...
    With a file manager that supports gvfs-smb you can do exactly this without ANY configuration. In nautilus or thunar you simply browse to the share just like you would in dolphin, only upon clicking on the share the file manager automatically *mounts* the share on demand via gvfs, making the files on the share available as if they were local files to all application. It works far better than KDE's KIO system for doing things like streaming videos from a smb share. Its very convienient, quick, and requires zero configuration.

    Originally posted by erendorn View Post
    You shouldn't have to be root to mount a network drive.
    You shouldn't have to use fstab to mount a share at a friend's house/client network.
    If you have per user personal network drives, and multi users PCs, well, it doesn't scale well.

    Yes, it is easy to configure fstab, and is ok enough for most cases.
    No, it is not sufficient.
    Agreed! This is exactly the point I'm trying to make
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      Originally posted by Ericg View Post
      One important thing that was missed... the bug that caused the taskbar to randomly re-arrange and overlap has been officially closed (Whether as FIXED or WONTFIX varies on your perspective lol) no one so far as been able to reproduce the behavior in KDE 4.11-- with the new QML based taskbar. So if you hate that bug you have to upgrade to 4.11 to not be affected by it.

      If it turns out there really is going on some memory corruption things will get worse thanks to the new QML task bar Debugging memory corruptions is IMHO harder than debugging layouting.


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        Figured out a somewhat hacky workaround to my issue with streaming videos on my lan with kde

        enabled IIS on the windows box and enabled directory browsing. Now I can just browser the videos via http in my web browser and stream them via smplayer just fine. No dealing with mounting shares or fstab silliness.