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MPlayer 1.0 Release Candidate 2

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  • MPlayer 1.0 Release Candidate 2

    Phoronix: MPlayer 1.0 Release Candidate 2

    About a year after the availability of the first release candidate for MPlayer 1.0, the second RC is finally out. Mplayer 1.0-rc2 includes new FFmpeg work, support for Real RTSP authentication, libnemesi streaming library, and other improvements.

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    mmmmm... multi-threaded H264 support


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      wasn't multithreaded h264 already in? i remember some mplayer dev correcting one's similar mistake on the mailing list recently.


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        I uniinstalled MPlayer rc1, installed the new one with this configuration: --enable-gui --enable-largefiles --enable-libdca, after running i'm having a lot of segfaults, i can't do anything along watching video, since after doing a minimize, switch or anything else (I mean defocusing the video window), player crashes, should i report a backtrace to mplayer hq, or there is something I'm wrong with?

        My sytem conf: core2 duo, 1Gb ram, ATI X1400 + AIGLX / XGL (both) xorg V7.2


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          why don't you try a package install (with rpm or another thing


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            I think the problem was with fglrx, I installed Fedora 8, with new 7.11 catalyst, I had no problems, but poor video quality, After sometime, I was dissapointed by fglrx, and switched to opensource version, RadeonHD, which is now doing it's work without any problems.

            Packages seem to be a good thing, but, I prefer to set up MPlayer manually(Just MPlayer)

            Thanks for your advise