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Are Compositing Window Managers Lightweight?

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    Originally posted by ElderSnake View Post
    Hi bwat47, would you mind providing your Compton command-line? Or is it just the typical example provided in say, the Arch wiki?

    I'm using DWM in Arch, with no compositing currently. Mostly things run well, VLC and Mplayer utilize vdpau and I don't see any tearing but yes when it comes to Youtube of course.... or scrolling in Firefox, tearing is fairly noticeable.

    I wouldn't mind trying Compton again but I've always worried about stability with it, but it's probably improved by now.
    Right now I use: compton --backend glx --paint-on-overlay --glx-no-stencil --vsync opengl-swc --shadow-exclude "! name~=''" --config ~/.compton.conf -b &

    and in the config file I just have shadow settings and such:

    There is a slight delay when dragging windows do to the vsync method (the movement is very smooth, its just that its slightly delayed behind the cursor), but perfmance in general is great. I can have a shit ton of windows open no problem, the desktop is just as snappy as it was with no compositing, and scrolling in firefox feels far smoother. And I'd assume since you are using a tiling wm you don't do a lot of dragging windows around anyway

    Depending on your card/driver you may want to tweak the commandline, you can find documentation here:

    Compton is definitely the best compositor I've found for lightweight DE's and window manager, I love that it doesn't interfere with the native window manager at all, so it can be used easily with any window manager and it does nothing more than add compositing and shadows Its recently gotten a new main developer and is under more active development than in the past. Recent versions have been *very* stable for me. The developer is great and responds to bug reports quickly.
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      Thanks very much!

      I'll give it a shot, I always liked how lightweight XFWM4 felt but it's lack of Vsync is a problem

      From what I can tell, Compton also has something the equal of Undirect Fullscreen Windows which is rather handy...


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        Have any of you tested DWM with and without a compositor for FPS/hz? Like A little more CPU usage is OK with me if latency is reduced.