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LLVM/Clang Makes Progress On Building LibreOffice

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  • LLVM/Clang Makes Progress On Building LibreOffice

    Phoronix: LLVM/Clang Makes Progress On Building LibreOffice

    LLVM's Clang C/C++ compiler has been making much progress in recent months on being able to build high-priority open-source/Linux software packages. When using the latest LLVM/Clang compiler, it appears to be in good shape for handling LibreOffice...

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    Slightly Off-topic :

    Has anyone tried compiling Open-Office on a Ivy bridge/Piledriver platform with march=native , -O3 and LTCG options ?
    Does it give substantial improvements ?


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      Another useless article. Wake me when LibreOffice or any other piece of software doesn't hardcode configurations for GCC or any other compiler suite, complies with C++11/C99 and stops implying by their failuress that the compiler is the source of how come it cannot compile outside specific compiler suites.

      Hell, compiling Inkscape would be a snap for LLVM/Clang if Inkscape didn't hardcode for GCC and fail upon not finding it.