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Firefox 20 Drops In New Private, Download Features

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    Originally posted by TheBlackCat View Post
    "Firefox 20 Drops In New Private, Download Features"

    I misread that as "Firefox 20 Drops In New Private Download Feature". I had a hard time figuring out how that could possibly work
    It should be something more like this "Firefox 20 Drops In New Privacy and Download Features"


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      Originally posted by funtastic View Post
      Compared to the typical firefox release it has many new features indeed. In my opinion the most important by far is H.264 support. With that feature and an addon to change the user agent on a per website basis I can have flash disabled most of the time at last. I hope the guys at mozilla bring this support on all os soon.

      By the way, I don't know why these guys are investing time in supporting ARMv6 when firefox is obviously a resource hungry browser. Minimum RAM required is 384 MB so I don't think there will be many ARMv6 devices out there that can use firefox.
      In the initial FFOS devices they will be running on arm A5. Although they are using v7, they are only a bit faster than the old arm 11.