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KDE Plasma Improvements For NetworkManager

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    Originally posted by bobwya View Post
    I don't doubt that every KDE update has a major effect on the whole GNU/Linux ecosystem. In fact these days I only use the KDE Desktop on all my machines (well and Razor-Qt). Xfce is nice as well though. I used to use a Gnome Desktop - till the developers left the "reality zone"...

    My argument was the same argument as other commenter's on this thread. Is Michael going to cover the look and feel of every new KDE QML applet re-write? Given the current size of the KDE Desktop that would give Michael 1-2 years of space fillers on his RSS feeds...
    Personally I dont mind going over all the new QML applets (not saying he couldnt do them all in one big chunk article) but its ncie to have an overview of all the new applets and their looks so that it doesnt come as such a big surprise haha