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SDDM Display Manager Sees Its First Release

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  • SDDM Display Manager Sees Its First Release

    Phoronix: SDDM Display Manager Sees Its First Release

    Mentioned a few times in recent months on Phoronix has been SDDM, a lightweight Qt/QML-based display manager. The good news now is that the Simple Desktop Display Manager has seen its first official release...

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    It's taken the interest not only of Hawaii but also KDE. They consider using it in Plasma Workspaces 2, see this blog post by Aaron Seigo:


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      It's actually very nice, I hope they will use it in next KDE Framework (Plasma 2).


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        Razor-qt has also been looking it. There has already been work to create themes and such to match razor-qt.


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          Yeap, KDE developers are considering it as the main login manager for KDE. It's either SDDM or LightDM, and both have their issues at the moment. Personally I feel that SDDM is probably better in the long run, as it's built for Qt5 from the ground-up and has no strings attached.


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            Please do _not_ google it for pictures or screenshots...