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    Originally posted by TemplarGR View Post
    You shouldn't enter a discussion about this, because you are obviously wrong...

    Let me give you a developer's perspective:

    I installed Ubuntu 12.10 about 3 months ago, and since i develop in Java i wanted to install Netbeans. I searched the official repos, and there was Netbeans 7.0.1 from 2 1/2 years ago... This is old, and lacks funcionality i find particularly useful. So manual install... I wanted to install LLVM/Clang as well... Imagine the horror: LLVM was version 3.1, Clang was version 3.0 ... IIRC there was even a conflict problem, and installing Clang installed Llvm 3.0 ... We are talking beyond moronic levels of incompetence here... So, manual install for LLVM/Clang as well...

    I could go on and on, but this wasn't only on "niche" software.

    Transmission was way old, ppa for that. Libreoffice wasn't upgraded to next 2-3 3.6.x versions which solved hunderds of bugs, and at the time i quit no ppa existed for that... I needed Chromium, ppa for it...

    All this searching and work, is approximately the work(in terms of time wasted) i threw in Arch's setup... For a so-called "deploy and forget" distro...

    So this whole "computing is a tool" is right, it is just that you don't get it: The proper user controls the tool, the incompetent user is controlled by the tool... It seems funny to me, because seriously, i can deploy an Arch installation with a rich DE and all must-have software in approx 2 hours. This includes downloading from the repos since Arch is a netinstall distro... Maintaining from this point is a matter of a couple of minutes daily...

    PS: 99% of Arch updates are drop-in replacements. Announcements concerning updates are once in 2-3 months, or even more. You can easily setup your Rss software to search for these announcements and take your precautions... Most of the time even then for most users there is no need to change a thing... When an update absolutely needs manual intervention, it is obvious because it won't be completed without either making the changes or using the force switch... So, to me, it is YOU who is spreading FUD...
    OK. I actually read all you have written (you know, I wasn't interested in a developer's point of view so I just skipped it at first) and I must thank you because you have described perfectly well the nightmare it is to use Arch for any ordinary user. You don't think you did because you are not an ordinary user and -as usual- you can't put yourself in their shoes. That's fine. It's just the proof of all I was saying and the poster asking for a distro to try will know what s/he'll face if s/he installs Arch (well, s/he won't be able to install Arch at all; let's say that's what s/he would face if someone installed Arch for him/her).
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