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Vincent Untz Goes Over The Direction Of GNOME

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    Originally posted by hubick View Post
    I could only make it to 6 minutes when he started saying that the haters didn't give any specifics about why they hated it, and that maybe they hadn't even used it.

    Dear Gnome A-holes, I fracking hate it, and I posted very specifics of why:
    Fuck you too?


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      Do Gnome developers eat their own dog food?


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        Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
        What is it exactly that gnome 3 improves over gnome 2 productivity-wise? All of you saying that gnome 3 is better should justify it just like the gnome 3 haters should justify their decision.

        About the video: Fuck that guy. Who the fuck is he to tell me that I cannot adapt or other subtle insults he throws at the anti gnome 3 people? Hear me Vincent Untz? FUCK YOU! You and other losers are the reason the linux desktop is now fucked. Gnome 2 was good enough. Improve that don't come up with 'revolutionary' shit. How do you think we will attract windows users? By giving them something completely different from windows? FUCK YOU YOU IDIOT!
        Ok, for a start the guy in the video didn't do himself any favours by labelling people as haters, but the video is still worth watching after that. Opinions ranted on forums such as this are normally just as inflammatory but if you're seeking to persuade people over something this subjective, it's not best to label people with opposing views in such a derogatory way.

        For me, Gnome 3 make the keyboard useful. I can quickly launch programs by keyboard without installing additional (and to my mind inferior) programs such as gnome do. Rather than being a 'tablet os', it feel's like a desktop os, designed with keyboards in mind.

        Gnome 2 fans talk about their love for the gnome 2 menu. You can add similar functionality via extensions if you'd like but personally, but I hated it. I hate fiddling though menus trying to find the app I want to launch. In gnome 3 I can launch most apps in a few keystrokes.

        They're also introducing classic mode for people who like the traditional desktop and don't want to have to fish through the extensions necessary themselves.

        Extensions offer vast amount of customisation. I don't use many but the ones I do use greatly improve my experience for my needs. Extensions such as jump lists, which makes all my most recently accessed documents for a particular docked program available simply by right clicking the programs icon in the dock.

        I'm not saying I like all the things gnome 3 does. I don't like how they're in the process of trying to move various menu options, unity style, to the top bar. Its currently only the case in a few apps so far and it seems like a mess. I also understand the irritation that they removed the tree view from nautilus. I haven't used it recently but I've used it a lot in the past. We'll have to see if they replace it with something else at some point. But overall, for me, I do think gnome 3 is a vast improvement over gnome 2.

        Hopefully those who still want a more traditional desktop, out of the box, will be satisfied with classic mode. We'll have to see.
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          Originally posted by a user View Post
          the direction gnome took with gnome shell is the reason that for the first time ever i started to like gnome.

          i don't care about the syndroms you have.
          There are people who like to be being beaten and there are people who like gnome shell. I don't have any syndroms and an iphone syndrome is the one the most gnome devs and fanboys suffer the most. Gnome 3 is just a failed experiment.


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            Originally posted by bkor View Post
            If you don't want to watch the video, best not to tell Vincent what he should've done? you just said you have no idea because you stopped watching.
            I know what he said and he should just go home and stop making idiotic excuses. I'd kick everyone responsible for such a mess.


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              Originally posted by bkor View Post
              Who do you think started Who has shared conferences and hackfests with KDE and other distributions?
              Who does everything to be incompatible with other DEs? Gnome!


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                LOL. The usual clown squad is at again. Too bad they fail so hard. The very same person pissing them of is the guy who maintained the gnome2 panel during its prime time. Well failed neckbeards!

                If any g devs reads this shit slinging; You are doing great. Dont mind the moronix idiots they are clearly sick people who need help.


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                  Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
                  So what if it's the same person? He who did something good now did something bad. Should we not call him out on it? Just because he did good things in the past?

                  And no gnome devs you are not doing great. funkstar you are also on phoronix so you might need to get your head checked too!
                  Are you blind? The dev has left maintainership of the panel to new guys. They can keep g2 alive. Hating free software devs for not continuing old jobs is STUPID.


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                    I love simple interfaces


                    clean and elegant UI. Minimalistic and well designed.

                    I like tablets and smartphones, and stuff designed for touch.

                    I should be gnome's market target, right?

                    gnome 3 is an absolute piece of shit, unusable and broken and made by retards and only other stupid stupid neckbearded fat pieces of shit would ever use that abortion of a DE.

                    I have tried pretty much everything from lxde to galaxy note2.

                    I can use everything from win95 to os x 10.8




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                      Originally posted by benohb View Post
                      Do you work hard on the computer..
                      Just browsing or playing
                      Had to consider for a while, even responding to this since you're speaking some sort of moon man talk, and I can barely understand you. The best I can guess is you're snarkily asking whether I use GNOME for "real work" or just as a toy interface. The answer would be both. I'm a Linux Admin and have been for 12 years now. Currently I use GNOME at work because it works and works well. When I'm flipping through a couple dozen open terminals, a browser, mail client, and god knows what all else, I don't have time to be playing with a mouse. I use keybindings and multiple desktops extensively, and GNOME does both of these well. I also use GNOME when I'm not working, and just goofing off on my computer because frankly, of all the current desktops, it looks the best and has the best applications.