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With E17 Out, Enlightenment E18 Is In Development

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    This turned out rather well for me and it was fairly easy to build. (just a minor annoyance getting it to find LUA... had to come up with a pkgconfig file for it)

    This. E17.1, has come a long way... I could use this. It looks nice, with the default dark theme and I've got smooth compositing effects with OpenGL.

    (I don't normally like the animations, but I'm playing with this. The only compositing I use normally are some transparency effects in XFCE, but I like it for a purpose, so I can make windows transparent to see and read text behind them... inactive windows and clicking on title bar to drag)

    It lacks some configurability... I hope that's coming soon. It's got a nice panel, but few configuration options. I had to "trick" it into showing some of the launchers I wanted (I think it automatically grabbed some from a RazorQT/OpenBox setup that I still have). I had to find the .desktop files it put in ~/.local/share/applications and rename/edit them to get them to be and do what I wanted. Weird. It also grabbed menu entries from other environments (KDE, XFCE etc.)

    Focus follows mouse (hover to focus)... check. Being able to move to the virtual desktops by moving my mouse to the screen edges... check. These are things that are essential to me.

    I normally use XFCE, (configured the way I like it, with a large auto hiding panel with lots of launchers etc.) and this is somewhat like it. I'll have to find a way to get that e17 panel ("Shelf"?) more to my liking.

    Of course, I'll have to find the time to spend with it. I have only used it for relatively few hours. (had to use my regular XFCE setup while busy and needing to get shit done)

    I'll try E18 when it's a little further along. I put all of this in /opt/enlightenment for ease of removal/upgrading later.