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    Originally posted by stqn View Post
    I switched from Xfwm’s compositor to Compton two days ago and I’m very happy with it.
    For what it’s worth here are the parameters I’m using:

    compton -c -f -o 1.0 -I 0.1 -O 0.1 -C -i 0.95 -z --vsync opengl --unredir-if-possible --shadow-exclude "! name~=''" -b

    I gained a very nice fade in/fade out effect, and of course no more tearing in VLC.
    Same here, compton is a godsend for XFCE (and any other light desktop). Finally no more tearing in vidoes. I love that compton does not need to replace the window manager like compiz, so I still use all of XFCE's native window management, perfect integration. It performs great and seems extremely stable too.

    I'm curious, what does the --shadow-exclude "! name~=''" -b do exactly?

    Here's the setup I'm using at the moment: compton --backend glx --paint-on-overlay --glx-no-stencil --vsync opengl-swc --config ~/.compton.conf -b &

    and for the config:
    # Shadow
    shadow = true; # Enabled client-side shadows on windows.
    no-dock-shadow = true; # Avoid drawing shadows on dock/panel windows.
    no-dnd-shadow = true; # Don't draw shadows on DND windows.
    clear-shadow = true; # Zero the part of the shadow's mask behind the window (experimental).
    shadow-radius = 7; # The blur radius for shadows. (default 12)
    shadow-offset-x = -7; # The left offset for shadows. (default -15)
    shadow-offset-y = -7; # The top offset for shadows. (default -15)
    shadow-exclude = [ "n:e:Notification", "g:e:Synapse", "g:e:Conky", "class_g ?= 'Xfce4-notifyd'"];
    # Fading
    fading = true; # Fade windows during opacity changes.
    fade-delta = 5; # The time between steps in a fade in milliseconds. (default 10).
    fade-in-step = 0.03; # Opacity change between steps while fading in. (default 0.028).
    fade-out-step = 0.03; # Opacity change between steps while fading out. (default 0.03).
    # no-fading-openclose = true; # Fade windows in/out when opening/closing
    # Window type settings
      tooltip = { fade = true; shadow = false; };
    Only issue I've had so far is the dropdowns on the firefox toolbar (like the new download manager) look a but weird:
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      Originally posted by bwat47 View Post
      I'm curious, what does the --shadow-exclude "! name~=''" -b do exactly?
      It removes shadows from nameless windows, and thus there is no more a big black shadow on top of the currently selected window when I use alt-tab.