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Fedora Proposal To Use Cinnamon Desktop By Default

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    Originally posted by Roberto Dirksen View Post
    (Posted from my iPad mini, a post-PC device.)
    I'm trying to imagine you doing some serious work (like programming) on your post-PC device.


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      Gnome 3 is very traditional and still follows the rules of the desktop metaphor.

      For example; if you don't organize your desktop and get piles of shit, stacked on top of each other. Just like in real life; you loose track of where your shit is going, and have to look under a pile of paper to see what's underneath. You can do this piece-by-piece (hitting the middle mouse button; I know, that's totaly a tablet thing) or by spreading your shit out all at once (top-left screen corner; also totaly Android).

      By the time your have figured out that you can actualy organize this with unlimited workspace (multiple workspace; soooo Windows Metro, I know), you don't have this problem anymore.

      Now I know that it is sooooo that resizing windows isn't fancy-pants fence style programmed for synced screen updates, but what evahhhh...

      Now there is some room for improvement here; Gnome3 could realy benifit from more advanced tiling in Mutter 'n StuFF rIt3? But maybe then everybody is going to complain that it is sooo Windows 1.0... That would be an even worse thing than that stone-age commandline that is already making Linux look bad, as if it tries to copy DOS, but fails because they don't ever have the DIR command. My friend reads books and stuff and she told me to type ls -a, GOSH ohhhh... Mygod! They realy try to make things so complicated. NERDS! eeeeeellllll! No wonder nobody likes Lienucks!111


      I think I am gonna switch to oohbountu bcuz they copied Mac OS X better, because every1 nows Steve Jobs invented the dock.


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        Originally posted by LightBit View Post
        I'm trying to imagine you doing some serious work (like programming) on your post-PC device.
        Don't strain yourself. Search for Diet Coda and Codea. This is just the beginning. I have no doubt people will be able to develop apps entirely on a tablet in a few years. Tablets will force software development to advance as well. The post-PC programming languages and tools will be much easier to use than what exists today.


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          I just read that Gnome is bringing in a Classic Mode in the next release earlier today. Why would Fedora switch from Gnome to a fork that probably breaks some things when F19 will have a Gnome version that has a Classic Mode option for people that want something more like the Gnome 2 style? I am personally looking forward to more improvements to Gnome Shell myself. If I didn't like Gnome Shell though, I wouldn't expect everybody else to have to have to switch to my preferred desktop UI because I'm too lazy to change the default myself...


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            Originally posted by Roberto Dirksen View Post
            Diet Coda and Codea.
            This is more annoying than Visual Studio.


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              Originally posted by Awesomeness View Post
              That's stupid because Cinnamon is a full-blown fork.

              Already done. That's what extensions are for.
              Actually Cinnamon isn't a full blown fork. Only mutter,nautilus, and gnome-shell are forked. The rest of Gnome 3 is the same for both. I am sure they can find a way to merge it if they try.

              As for my previous comment about Gnome-shell users being casual, i didn't mean that it is not possible to use it for productivity. Just that it is less effective at it.


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                Originally posted by kigurai View Post
                If you don't like some piece of software, and have other options, then why should you use it?
                Maybe because I wasn't particularly impressed by KDE, I should drop down on every KDE article I see and announce that the developers are stupid because they are not catering to my needs?
                Yeah, that seems constructive.
                Nah, don't bother, it would be duplicate effort. funkSTAR already has you covered in that regard.


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                  Requiem for the Dream of Linux Desktop

                  Because a lot of Linux users refuse anything new.

                  If things continued like this, sooner or later no newbies would want a Linux DE because of its decades-old UI.
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                    Originally posted by Roberto Dirksen View Post
                    Yes, stick with tradition. That's a great way to advance technology.

                    If you don't like Gnome 3, it means you're too stupid to learn new things.
                    Technology and UI design have nothing to do with each other. Windows 7 uses almost the same UI design with Windows 95, but i think it is way more advanced...

                    And no, calling everybody who doesn't like Gnome 3 stupid isn't an argument at all. And there is not much to learn about it anyway. It is really simple. It just isn't designed with Workstations and traditional desktop in mind...


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                      Originally posted by zxy_thf View Post
                      Because a lot of Linux users refuse anything new.

                      If things continued like this, sooner or later nobody would want a Linux DE as it resembled decades-old UI.
                      Well, cars have had the same (many) decades-old UI (steering wheel, brakes, gearbox etc) but i am pretty sure most people don't mind. In other words: Just because an idea is old, doesn't mean it is less valuable, AKA change just for the sake of change is bad...