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Fedora Proposal To Use Cinnamon Desktop By Default

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    There is a solution to all these problems

    It starts with a "K," ends with an "E," and has a "D" in the middle.

    No, seriously. KDE's UI is pretty similar to Windows to start out with, and its configuration allows it to be made to look and work like just about anything.


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      Originally posted by M1kkko View Post
      Don't try to make Linux look and feel like Windows. That would in fact be more confusing, not helpful, for Windows users.
      Windows 95 - 7 like DE is far better than gnome-shell. Furthermore gnome-shell tries to be Windows 8 which is truly disaster.


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        Originally posted by ArtKun View Post
        Wow, that would be the best thing happened to Linux over the past 2 years!

        Originally posted by ArtKun View Post
        Is there any way for me as a user to vote for making it default?


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          Originally posted by kraftman View Post
          Furthermore gnome-shell tries to be Windows 8 which is truly disaster.
          Do you mind trying to detail why you think GNOME3 is trying to be Windows 8?

          I also find it a bit strange since GNOME3 was released over a year before Windows 8.

          But mostly I find it strange that people still care about this issue.
          We know that some of you don't like GNOME3. But realize that a lot of us actually do, and are getting kind of tired of all the hating.
          It's been almost two years since GNOME 3.0, and the GNOME project seem to be doing fine.


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            Originally posted by M1kkko View Post
            Ah, and that's probably why Apple iPads don't sell too well either, because their user interface doesn't at all resemble that of Windows.
            Since your desktop PC weighs more than 2 lb, does have a keyboard and mouse/touchpad/trackpad, and doesn't have a touchscreen, your argument is moot.

            Also, if you were a KDE user, you would be using Plasma Active with a setup like the iPad.


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              Originally posted by frantaylor View Post
              I used to use Fedora for everything, over time I have had to relieve fedora of various duties because it is no longer capable of handling them. At this point for me Fedora is reduced to something that I fire up in a VM just for curiosity, because I can't get it to do any of the things I used to do with it.
              Couldn't agree more!


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                As much I disliked Gnome Shell and Unity in their first releases, they've become very usable and now I prefer them to traditional desktop metaphors. And even more with with Gnome shell extensions. Not everyone likes it, though, and thus I understand the uproar when they announced they were ditching gnome fallback.
                They should include by default some of the most popular extensions. I'd like to see the Dash to dock extension behavior included by default.

                This looks pretty good to me

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                  I recently installed the latest Cinammon on my ArchLinux box, and i really like it. I believe that the right thing to do for both Cinammon AND Gnome project is to merge Cinnamon to Gnome and let the user decide which of the two desktop metaphores to use.

                  I have been using Gnome Shell since its release, and while i like it for casual everyday use, like listening to music, surfing the net etc, when i want to get work done i just can't. It gets in the way. It is not designed with productivity in mind. I have really tried to figure out a way to make it suit my workflow, but i always end up using more input to perform the same actions.

                  Cinnamon isn't perfect either. While it is a classic Desktop metaphore, it is in need of further development. Needs more options etc.

                  Would it be so difficult for Gnome project to include Cinnamon and provide an option in the control panel to switch to it? That way both tablet/casual users AND traditional productivity users would become satisfied... Of course ego should get out of the way first...


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                    Yes, stick with tradition. That's a great way to advance technology.

                    If you don't like Gnome 3, it means you're too stupid to learn new things.


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                      Originally posted by TemplarGR View Post
                      That way both tablet/casual users AND traditional productivity users would become satisfied.
                      Please don't assume that everyone who actually enjoys Gnome-Shell are "casual users" and not "productivity users".
                      That is just as offensive as the people who are saying that those who do not like Gnome-Shell are dinosaurs without a future (I am paraphrasing here, of course).
                      Neither is true. It is purely a matter of personal taste.