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Lightworks Re-Opens Its Linux Alpha For Testing

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    Lightworks needs to get off paid codecs to be a valid Linux contender, use Kdenlive

    Originally posted by n3wu53r View Post
    There will be source code. I looks like it will be more open core though.
    As for nobody caring, this is one of the most watched and wanted ports to Linux. The first actually useful professional video editor. Something Linux does not have. All the open source ones are shit. They are fine for simple things, but not for any complex pro stuff. Only kdenlive comes even close.
    Kdenlive does everything I need a video editor to do-and does so without paid codecs. With Kdenlive, I can drop the AVCHD clips the camera makes right into the project, and export to any format I want, all without paying for codecs and without rewarding MPEG-LA's patent beast. It seems to me the main advantage of high-end paid editors is GPU rendering or good accelerated GPU acceleration of effects for playback, both of which I can do without. In fact, I found that AMD Bulldozer 8 core CPU's can beat midlevel Nvidia cards in Blender cycles rendering as a CPU vs GPU benchmark anyway.

    Since I make only non-monetized video, I would be nuts to use licensed and monetized codecs. It seems to me the paid video people are going to be the ones for whom Lightworks means being able to use Linux instead of Windows, but the point here is that they were ever Windows and codec customers in the first place. Others like myself want nothing to do with paid codecs and paid software, considering them ports of the Microsoft/Crapple philosophy. If Kdenlive goes unmaintained, I still have both source and binaries and will keep using them, rejecting alternatives that rely on paid codecs.

    If Lightworks releases source, they are not in any way legally responsible for people modifying it to use ffmpeg/libavconf and compiling it themselves. Of course, they would soon lose all sales of their paid versions. Lightworks is not free software because it comes from people whose interest is in PAID software. When their free version works with free patent-busting codecs, and does not require any kid of account to download I might take another look at at, but won't trust it without them releasing source as well.