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The Best Features Of GNOME In 2012

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  • The Best Features Of GNOME In 2012

    Phoronix: The Best Features Of GNOME In 2012

    After yesterday sharing the general feedback submitted by over a thousand GNOME users (Part 1, Part 2) from the 2012 GNOME User Survey about their views on the popular Linux desktop environment, here's all of the responses to another one of the questions. The question came down to what features of GNOME are most important from your personal use and would not like them to go away.

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    The truth

    The true best feature: The courage to say NO.

    Happily accept new CA or CLA deps? No thank you.
    More features than the team can maintain? No thank you.
    More configures than the team can maintain? No thank you.


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      Definitely the most meaningless "survey" I've ever seen.


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        Some gnome devs think that removing features is a feature. They seem to think they must compete with tablet OSes or that gnome users are (we) dumb. I hope they realize that not listening to feedback is bad. They're following the Windows 8 road (altough Microsoft did it because its greedy, and Gnome devs do it because their own pride)

        I would like to add to that list backwards compatibility. That's one of the major things holding devs off from the linux desktop.
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          anybody actually reading any of those 15+ pages?


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            15+ pages of whining idiots? I'll pass. I'm glad the Gnome devs are smart enough to ignore those morons too.
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