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Vinagre, An Excellent GNOME VNC Client

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  • Vinagre, An Excellent GNOME VNC Client

    Phoronix: Vinagre, An Excellent GNOME VNC Client

    A few days ago one of the Vino developers, Jonh Wendell, released a new public build of Vinagre. Vinagre is designed to be a VNC client for the GNOME desktop and while it is still under development, in our testing thus far we found it to be an excellent VNC client. In this article, we'll be offering a brief preview of Vinagre 0.3.

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    Tabbed VNC sessions is worth trying this application out by itself... nice find. If it continues on it's path to get more integrated with the gnome desktop then this will be the standard VNC client for large portion of the community very soon. I'll give it a try next week at work and see how it handles some heavy usage.


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      Either I must be a complete idiot, or there is no way to get out of fullscreen mode in this application. Has anyone installed this application and used the fullscreen feature here? If so, what is the command to get out of fullscreen? I've killed the app, dpkg-reconfigured, uninstalled, purged, reinstalled, and it still comes up in fullscreen mode.

      The only thing I've been able to do while in fullscreen mode is: 1)interact with my VNC session, 2)use F9 to pull up the Favorites list.
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        I opened a bug about this: