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Unity/Compiz performance improvements for Ubuntu 13.04

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  • Unity/Compiz performance improvements for Ubuntu 13.04

    I am glad to say that with the newest daily builds (not yet in the main Ubuntu 13.04 "raring" development repository, coming over the next few weeks though...), Compiz/Unity performance is fully fixed now. There have always been problems with anything, from lots of wakeups to slow OpenGL performance to window movement freezing. With the newest builds, unredirect fullscreen windows is working perfectly and enabled by default, which is immediately noticeable with Games and also applications like XBMC and fullscreen Flash video. Also, window movement is now *finally* as fluid as it should, even with lots of windows open and the AMD Catalyst driver that always had slow 2D to begin with.

    I am really sensitive to stuff like this so this is very exciting news for Ubuntu 13.04, where performance issues are sorted out once and for all and Ubuntu is ready for prime-time and gaming.