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Trojita Is Pulled In As A KDE Project

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    Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
    if smtp and pop3 get supported will kmail then be replaced? kmail is one of those programs that mindlessly has K in front of it.
    Kmail is mostly a front-end for akonadi now, it is an integrated part of a more general-purpose groupware suite. It looks like this is intended as a more lightweight, dedicated mail client.


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      Originally posted by uid313 View Post
      Gmail, you know it's about mail.
      Hotmail, you know it's about mail.

      But Trojita? I doesn't sound like mail.

      Well, Trojita reminds me of Trojan horses which sometimes gets spread by mail.
      Well, the name itself is "Trojit?", visit the project homepage. Since the Author is Czech, it has nothing to do with "Trojan". "Trojit?" in czech language means "Tripple" in English (female gender adjective). As you can see, there is number 3 in application logo and icon.

      Best regards from Czech Republic.


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        I hope Trojita will be used to further improve KMail and dropped then. Why split?


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          Originally posted by Cthulhux View Post
          I hope Trojita will be used to further improve KMail and dropped then. Why split?
          Because people have different kinds of needs and preferences? I don't see how Trojit? would be of any use to KMail considering that the one is based on Akonadi and the other is not.

          Originally posted by Linuxhippy
          Beside damaging the reputation of KDE, those unmaintained apps still cause headache for the bug hunting crews. Users will still complain anyway

          Unmaintained does not mean they don't need maintenance - as build breakage has to be fixed anyway - mostly by people not familiar with the codebase, lowering its quality even further.
          It's not part of KDE Software Compilation so nothing changes from the user, packager and bug hunting perspective.

          Originally posted by Linuxhippy
          I just don't get the need to move every project that is based on QT and has a few KDE hooks under the KDE umbrella.
          KDE is a community that developes Qt based applications and libaries. It also provides powerful infrastucture for developing these projects like mailing lists, wikis, code hosting, bug trackers, review boards, pastebins, IRC channels, donations, confrences... It would be handy if all serious open source Qt projects were hosted under KDE infrastucture as it would help their discoverability and bring likeminded people together.


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            Originally posted by asdx
            Qt, not QT.

            Qt == Qt
            QT == QuickTime
            I'm pretty sure that you are the only one here who cares about the capitalization. Also, I never see quick time abbreviated, people just type out the name.

            I for one don't care if people use "QT" "Qt" "qt" or even "qT" when talking about the popular open-source framework.


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              Trojita sounds like a good fit for the Razor-Qt project.

              Originally posted by ShadowBane View Post
              I'm pretty sure that you are the only one here who cares about the capitalization.
              No, I care about it.


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                Originally posted by TheBlackCat View Post
                Outlook, you know its about mail
                Thunderbird, you know its about mail
                Evolution, you know its about mail
                Exchange, you know its about mail
                Pine, you know its about mail

                Oh wait...

                Well, lets look at Wikipedia's Comparison of Email Clients. It lists 50 clients. 11 of them have mail is an integral part of their name (so including, say, KMail, or WIndows Mail, but excluding, say, Eureka Email, which could just be called Eureka).
                You forgot mutt. woof woof!


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                  Ah, but how is "Qt" pronounced?


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                    So does it now become Kjita?


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                      Originally posted by steveriley View Post
                      Ah, but how is "Qt" pronounced?

                      /char limit