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Netflix Comes To Linux Via Silverlight On Patched Wine

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    Originally posted by disi View Post
    Their problem is, they have to make sure the copyright is protected? So people cannot copy or do anything with the movies/series on the computer but watch it until they decide to delete it again.

    BBC uses flash to do that... which works fine on Linux. Not sure, how much MS paid them to use their Silverthingy...
    The Netflix CEO is on microsoft's board of directors. No great mystery as to why Netflix refuses to support desktop linux.

    I'm curious to see if they will now try to actively block this work-around.

    Has anyone gotten this to work btw? I've been at work all day and have a very busy week ahead of me so I don't intend to waste time on it if it's not legit. Nobody at reddit was having any luck with it the last time I looked.
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      The official reason is that Moonlight doesn't support MS's DRM system for Silverlight. Basically the situation is this: The content providers demand that Netflix use DRM, as a result they have gone with Silverlight with comes with a DRM system by MS, that DRM system is not available for Moonlight on Linux, they would have to license it from MS. You can Google the specifics, there are lots of discussions about it out on the web.