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Lightworks Is Not As Open As Some Would Like

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  • Lightworks Is Not As Open As Some Would Like

    Phoronix: Lightworks Is Not As Open As Some Would Like

    Lightworks has been talked about for the past two years as an open-source video editor and the Linux client was delayed multiple times. Lightworks ended up beginning a very limited alpha last month, but not everyone is happy...

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    "Not As Open As Some Would Like" = there is currently no source code available at all.

    you have to be a very mild open source advocate for that to satisfy you.


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      Piranha 7 is available for Linux and Mac OS X:

      "Introducing Piranha 7
      A GPU based Stereo Editing and Visual Effects System
      for MacOSX and Linux

      Piranha 7 is a complete editing and finishing system for Linux and MacOsx. Using the Power of GPU to deliver great performance and interactive artistic freedom. Piranha 7 can mix content with different resolutions
      and bit depths up to 8k 16bit/channel."

      Piranha 7 demo:

      Piranha 7 on Ubuntu:

      Piranha 7 isn't available for Windows.


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        Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
        So a pitivi dev complains that a competing technology that is much more capable than that sorry pitivi shit is coming to make them obsolete. And we should listend to him of course. C'mon admit it pitivi doesn't work and doesn't do what you want it to. It's so bad that even if that lightworks never gets open sourced it's still good for linux. Stop being so butthurt with that they are not good for the community shit! You had your time, you had your chances and you blew it by being incompetents and unable to write a fucking application in 10 years.
        You of course are a developer of *some* successful opensource project and that's why you are throwing 8055 advices, ha?!


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          No one talks about Blender sequencer ? It's by far better than Pitivi, Openshot and all the others.


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            The only FOSS video editor project that seems to have some potential is novacut.


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              I've been using Kdenlive for a while now, and I really like it. It's much better than some of the proprietary editors, too. And yes, it's also not available on Windows


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                Seriously its not even released yet, after its released and then its not as open as It should be then complain not before, It would take along time to comb through millions of lines to make sure its sutable for release as a open project.


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                  I have used kdenlive for my editing needs, and I would like to know exactly why I should use anything else. Maybe somebody can shed light on what it is that I am missing out on?

                  For those who haven't looked at kdenlive, have a look here for a three part tutorial which gets you started in no time:


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                    Cinelerra is still the only professional OSS video editor. Jashaka was also there for a while, but died of. The problem with Cinelerra(-cv) always have been suspicious code origin and total lack of any form of stability. It simply always crash after a few minutes. Too bad it was mostly feature complete to compete with pseudo-professional apps.

                    KDenLive is currently the best hope. Their current under the hood push to turn the amateur codebase into a future proof one is a clean sign that they have long term plans to be competitive. They also recently added a lot of advanced features like color-space based advanced color management and object tracking for layer synchronization.