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GNOME 3.8 Is Dropping Its Fallback Mode

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    Originally posted by ssam View Post
    i have a ~3 year old netbook, with a 945GME. this chipset can only do textures up to 2048x2048. so it can't render a composited desktop if i plug in a second monitor and arrange it to the side. 32bit intel atom is not exactly what LLVMpipe is designed for.

    I prefer gnome2/mate anyway, so no great loss to me.
    Wayland shoudl sove this for you, when it arives...


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      Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
      They say they will create something new and they do that while saying they will also maintain the older version. After releasing the new version they realize that maintaining the previous version is actually work and it's boring since you don't add stuff but fix bugs so they justify it and no longer maintain it. This is what is fucked up. They supported it until now and now they got bored. This is what is wrong in open source. Nobody wants to do what is neccessary, only what is cool.
      Obviously you either have a plan to fix this, or are ready to pay them to maintain the old version?


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        So long gnome and thanks for all the fish.

        Another lost user.


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          There is not a problem with graphics hardware (7-8 years old) . My NVidia 6100 (OGL 2.0, DX9 compliant, proprietary drivers) works fine with Compiz/Unity.
          By Removig Fallback Mode, actually Gnome wants to remove and the last remainings of Gnome 2.


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            Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
            Don't you find this argument getting a bit old now? So now for any half assed job you're going to say pay them if you want it good? Then I'll go to Microsoft. You pay them and don't do half assed jobs. If you can't maintain the old version because you lack resources then don't fucking start a new version and throw everything away by 'envisioning a new way of doing things'. They never get it right but jump to the next version and say they don't have resources to support the old one!
            While I agree Gnome 3 is a terrible desktop, any desktop that requires three clicks just to bring up applications is terrible in my opinion, definitely designed for a touch screen rather than for the desktop. I do also think you should stop complaining there are alternatives out there no one is forcing you to use it. There is also plenty of support going into the future if you stick to a LTS distro.
            Although Gnome3 has its faults I do like that they are trying something new. If you don't innovate you stagnate, and the truth is new users pay attention to the front end. If you keep serving them up non shiny desktops they just think what's this? Its looks old and crappy. Aesthetics are important and for the Linux on the desktop to gain real traction they need to be considered.
            And no that argument will never get old, like it or not money drives the major Linux projects. The other ways you can make a difference is promote commercial Linux adoption in your workplace that way the dev's will have more resources to support legacy products and finally the very best way to help is to roll up your sleeves and start coding yourself.


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              Damnit! Why did they have to drop Fallback Mode?
              It was the only thing that kept me still use GNOME.

              I have nothing against composited desktops. I used Compiz with Fallback Mode.
              It's just that both GNOME Shell and Unity are utterly unusable mess!

              You shouldn't attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity, but seriously is GNOME infected with people who are intentionally sabotaging it from the inside?

              Linux used to be built by geeks and engineers. Now we have these stupid "UX experts" and idiots who don't want use to be able to have extensions, settings or themes because it "decreases" their "brand presence".
              What the fuck?


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                Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
                Then I'll go to Microsoft. You pay them and don't do half assed jobs.
                s/don't/they'll still/ - there, fixed

                On the other hand:
                Matthias wrote, "We've come to the conclusion that we can't maintain fallback mode in reasonable quality, and are better off dropping it."
                They don't seem to be able to maintain the new interface in reasonable quality either...

                Sure, if I don't like it, I don't have to use it... trouble is I do (sort of) like it. I only take issue with things breaking with EVERY FSCKING POINT RELEASE.

                Beaten it into submission by 3.4 with the help of about a dozen of extensions, crude hacks, ancient gods and the sacrifice of a goat by the first light of the new moon? 3.6 will take that all away, and more. You'll get a draggable lockscreen for your customizable icon spacing, the inability of setting [Shift,Ctrl,Alt,Tab,Caps]+[Caps,Tab,Alt,Ctrl,Shift] as a keyboard layout switch for free, and many, many, more... (Built-in bluetooth not recognized may be the fault of the new kernel; didn't yet have the time - and fortunately the need - to check).

                Don't get me started on KDE.


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                  They just got Gnome Panel usable in 12.04 now they want to drop it. It's manipulation to make users move to their new product.
                  Now maybe Gnome 3 will be forked into BFF. "She was once your mate, now she's your BFF"

                  What a bunch of narsocists!

                  Remember when Valve was displaying screen shots of Steam running on Linux; That was Gnome Fallback they were using.

                  There is a reason. Desktop effects cause overhead with development. Especially with OpenGL, you tend to need every cycle devoted to graphics rendering.

                  I swear the Gnome team is a bunch of f''cking idiots. Last I checked laptops were still being sold without touchscreens more so than they were with.

                  L 8 R


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                    I just fired up the MATE desktop and the Linux port of Steam seems to play nice, both with and without Compiz effects.


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                      Originally posted by uid313 View Post
                      Damnit! Why did they have to drop Fallback Mode?
                      You shouldn't attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity, but seriously is GNOME infected with people who are intentionally sabotaging it from the inside?
                      Ballmer is leading Gnome from behind
                      Seriously, Ubuntu Unity or Gnome Shell, even Cinnamon looks like unfinished work. In a few years will be ready for prime time.
                      Maybe should be put more muscle behind LXDE, XFCE or other "classic" DE.