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    Originally posted by uid313 View Post
    I only use Flash for porno.
    Sigh... get yourself a mail-order Russian bride already. Enough with the pr0n comments in every thread about Flash.


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      Originally posted by timothyja View Post
      Why are there still two projects surely the devs from these projects should get together and work on merging them into one project. Seems like a huge waste of effort to me.
      It's two projects because Flash is really two platforms (basically AVM1 vs. AVM2).


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        Hardware-accelerated Video Decoding

        Video. Decode. Acceleration.

        -This is the one issue that's enough to put me off from installing Ubuntu (or any Linux distro for that matter) on my family/friends/colleagues' computer as their main OS (sometimes I put Ubuntu as a second OS, though).

        -And this is especially true for netbook/low-performance system (I myself currently have a 14" laptop with a 1.3GHz AMD E-300); it'll use a lot CPU power when playing Flash videos on YouTube, and will stutter badly with HD videos - putting multi-tasking out of question.

        -Remember, video on the Web isn't just for entertainment purposes only - nowadays it's an essential medium to propagate information more effectively.

        -Or, is there any way I can get hardware/GPU-accelerated decoding for H.264 videos on YouTube (and everywhere else)?

        Thanks & regards,

        P/S: This is my first post here after being just a 'lurker' for years.


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          Personally i find the pepper flash to be much more usable and stable. Playing the same flash game using firefox and the older flash version and google chrome and the pepper flash on older hardware with crappy integrated graphics i get a much smoother faster frame rate from pepper. You can also get pepper flash working without issue on chromium browser.


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            Originally posted by Musafir_86 View Post
            Or, is there any way I can get hardware/GPU-accelerated decoding for H.264 videos on YouTube (and everywhere else)?
            Adope flash uses VDPAU, so with a nvidia GPU and proprietary drivers you should be fine (on the other hand gallium has VDPAU, too, but it's in a early state).
            Gnash uses ffmpeg and ffmpeg supports VDPAU and VA-API, so you can go with nvidia or intel.
            For lightspark I have no idea.

            //EDIT: Also AFAIK every video API can use another as its backend, so you should be able to go with nvidia, amd and intel (if you set it up correctly).
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              I just installed the Gnash web plugin again, and the nice thing is that it will play the Flash only YouTube videos for me while leaving the rest to WebM. Ideal!


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                Originally posted by Desiderantes View Post
                So true it hurts.
                You should really see a doctor about that.


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                  Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
                  It's a fucking insult. That's what it is. I have Ubuntu 12.10 with firefox 16.0.2 and the youtube player cannot create a large player. I only can use the small one or the fullscreen. Can't like open source take over and continue flash development? I don't understand why only google has the custom player in chrome? Why don't other browsers use it? I can't stand that chrome shit and like firefox, but the flash support is shit.
                  Let me explain the process here:

                  Google: The old NPAPI plugin architecture sucks. We want to replace it with a fancy new one we created, called Pepper.

                  Firefox: That's stupid. Browser plugins are dying out, we're trying to move everything into HTML5, and you want us to create a whole new architecture for plugins? Then we'd have to keep maintaining the old one for backwards compatibility as well. It'd be a mess, and take us backwards, not forwards. We're not going to do it. Good luck getting others to buy in to this idea.

                  Google: We're still doing it. Pepper is awesome.

                  Adobe: Thanks for that investment google. Oh, ah, yes - we're going to stop supporting NPAPI plugins in linux. We'll still do it in Windows and Mac, just not linux. But we're letting Google access our code so they can put out a Pepper version if they want.

                  Firefox: F***ing Adobe and Google. We're still not doing it. Nothing else but Flash on linux uses it.


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                    The pragmatist in me understands the need for Flash, but Mozilla is right about phasing out plugins.


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                      Originally posted by benmoran View Post
                      The pragmatist in me understands the need for Flash, but Mozilla is right about phasing out plugins.
                      Yeah, pretty much. Google seems to want to actively go in the other direction (more/better support for native code blobs attached to the browser), presumably to maximize the performance potential for apps in Chrome's app store.