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Linux Desktops Described In Terms Of Beer

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  • Linux Desktops Described In Terms Of Beer

    Phoronix: Linux Desktops Described In Terms Of Beer

    With GNOME starting the GBeers initiative, for the weekend I couldn't help but to think about what beer pairings I would do if needing to match the popular Linux desktops with beer...

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    KDE 3.5 must be Yuengling then


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      Just had to smile when reading the article.

      Nice comparison! And it seams that you like German beers very much... +1 from me!



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        That no Linux desktops are any type of Double IPA probably explains why I gave up on Linux as a real desktop.


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          Zum Wohl!

          I'd certainly agree with the KDE / Weihenstephan mapping.

          I've been using KDE since 1.x and, while it has certainly had its ups and downs, it is still my favourite desktop. (The period following KDE 4.0 was a particularly rough patch - I upgraded then downgraded back to 3.5 after a week or so several times until 3.5.whatever started to succumb to bit-rot around the time of 4.3.something and have flirted with Xfce a number of times since then.)

          Weihenstephan Hefe Wei?bier has long been one of my favourite beers; again, I drink others and occasionally decide that one of them is my favourite for a while but eventually the "old faithful" Weihenstephaner wins through. (I'm quite lucky that the big supermarkets around Camberley stock, between them, a reasonable range of Wei?biers. It varies over time but, at its peak a couple of years back, I had 12 different varieties in my drinks cabinet!)


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            What would Gnome 1.x be compared to? Or Enlightenment?


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              Well .. I must say .. This was to be expected sooner or later .. xD
              Cool article.


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                Unity is Becks - Right on

                Becks is the only beer Michael mentioned that is not from Bavaria afaik.

                There are many worthwhile beers from Germany that are not from Bavaria. But it's safe to say Becks just isn't one of them

                I have quite a few nice breweries around the corner here in North Rhine Westphalia, too. Pott's Brauerei makes some very nice "high brow" beers in the M?nsterland. My "low brow" beer of choice would be Kronen Export, brewed in Dortmund since 1430.



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                  This was an excellent article.


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                    unity is a grandmother' swarm p***. gnome shell (it's not gnome 3 you knobs, unity is gnome 3 also) is corona light and lxde is crushed barley mixed with tap water.