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Wine 1.5.15 Fully Supports Layered Windows

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    Originally posted by AJSB View Post
    I never saw such a f**k up

    WINE 1.5.14 works extremely well and this garbage is constantly locking installers of basic thins like VC , PHYSX , YOU name it

    WORSE, it's completely RANDOM
    There's a good chance that's because you have an old (32-bit) libxcb that doesn't include, although that issue certainly isn't new in 1.5.14.


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      Yeah , i searched the bugs and find out was libxcb...i simply downloaded it together with xcb-proto (was outdated for libxcb 1.9) and made some packages with src2pkg

      There is still some problems if we try to install with winetricks comctl32 as reported by several....but we just need to try again and eventually will install as it was reported by me in the BUG page...

      Nothing of this was happening with 1.5.14....or maybe i was just lucky with things installed in 1.5.14...