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    Originally posted by pingufunkybeat View Post
    Ah Panix.

    First he forms an opinion on Radeon drivers from reading Phoronix forums, then he forms an opinion on KDE by reading Distrowatch comments. :rofl:

    Of course, actually trying it and seeing that it's good would be too much work.
    And you have a crystal ball or something? You know what I install and use? Well, it's not working too well.

    I have KDE, for the most part, on my systems. The only exception is XFCE w/ siduction. But, I guess I can't have any worthwhile opinion unless I run it by you, right?


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      Then I'm interested why you dislike it so much. I've run KDE on Gentoo and Debian, and for the past few years, it's always been stable and snappy.

      I'm running KDE on an ASUS Zenbook and it's the best thing ever.


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        Thank goodness!I have a good job!


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          Originally posted by funkSTAR View Post
          It looks like 4.10 will be just as dull as 4.9! The big things are happening in gnome and unity land. Looking aside from the vocal few here at phoro most is realizing KDEs time is up.

          KDE is losing its spot as Major Desktop to Unity. Greatest Phail since KDE4 if you ask me. LoL
          There's a special branch of KDE called "Plasma Active", specially engineered for touchscreen devices, with all the "groundbreaking enhancements". That is the foundation of "KDE 5". So, wait, and enjoy.


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            I'm interested now.

            What big things are happening in the GNOME and Unity land?

            Last time I tried both, they were attempts to recreate Plasma, only with no options.


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              bogus crtc_bounds() calls, xrandr --panning and xorg.conf virtual

              Are they ever going to fix all of those bogus crtc_bounds() calls that basically destroy
              one's ability to use "xrandr --fb=.. --panning" or virtual displays larger than the
              physical display in "xorg.conf" ?"

              It's well-known. It's been reported. It's a near show-stopper as far as I'm concerned.
              Which is sad.