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Dolphin not reporting the correct file sizes on ntfs partitions

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  • Dolphin not reporting the correct file sizes on ntfs partitions

    I'm having an odd issue in my KDE desktops. Basically, every time I try to look at the size of a group of large files/folders on a ntfs partition Dolphin always reports a different ramdon size. I have to hit the "refresh" button in the properties windows several times to get it to show the correct size. This is a problem because when I try to copy/move these files not everything gets transfered. I'm working around this issue by doing all my file transfers from a terminal instead.
    I have been checking bug reports and there seems to be several tickets with similar issues going way back, but none of them have solutions or are closed. Anyone have any idea?
    Using KDE 4.9.1 on both my machines. KDE 4.8 also had the same issue.

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    Can't reproduce here (KDE 4.9.1.) I'm using NTFS-3G though. Are you using the in-kernel NTFS driver?


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      Distro is Kubuntu, so probably ntfs-3g.


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        Originally posted by Melcar View Post
        Distro is Kubuntu, so probably ntfs-3g.
        You can find out for sure using the "mount" command. Here:

        $ mount
        ... other stuff ...
        /dev/sda2 on /windows/C type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,blksize=4096)
        If it says "fuseblk" instead of "ntfs", then it's NTFS-3G. Otherwise, it's the in-kernel driver.


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          Yeah, it's using the ntfs-3g driver. Just tested with a fresh LiveCD and the same. Gonna test some other distros; maybe it's a Kubuntu bug or something.