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Avidemux Video Editor Gets Internal Rewrite

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  • phoronix
    started a topic Avidemux Video Editor Gets Internal Rewrite

    Avidemux Video Editor Gets Internal Rewrite

    Phoronix: Avidemux Video Editor Gets Internal Rewrite

    There's more Linux video editing news besides the new Cinelerra release and the forthcoming alpha of Lightworks for Linux. The latest open-source Linux video editing news is the release of Avidemux 2.6, which has seen its internals rewritten...

  • dashcloud
    Best simple video editor

    If all you need is a way to cut up your videos, apply filters, and then encode to your destination format, this is the perfect program.

    It's also easy to build and comes with the ability to package itself up easily when you build it from source code.

    I use it to cut up my TV shows and VHS tape recordings, and then turn them into DVD video.

    Great program!!

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  • Gentoo
    Some important functions missings:

    Tab Motion: merange set a 16 (can not change anything)
    Tab Frame: Loop filter (no control)
    Tab Analysis: psy-rdo (no control)
    Tab Quantiser: can not change anything (qpmin, qpmax, ipratio, pbratio, aq-mode, ...)
    Tan Advanced 1: can't change anything (vbv-maxrate, vbv-bufsize, ...)

    Also do not generate any statistical (log) or when reading mkv mediainfo encoding parameters show it as if encoded with x264 directly.

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