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2D Also Bad For Ubuntu Unity Against KDE, GNOME, LXDE, Xfce

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    Originally posted by Rigaldo View Post
    And what exactly is this real work if I may ask?
    No idea. And also martin, kwin developer, says
    We optimize for real desktop usage, so I do not care at all about any game rendering performance
    when talking about game benchmarks, so I don't know what "real desktop usage" means either. Might exclude multimedia too?

    Linux's desktop use might be developers/programming only. So thats why I said one shouldn't expect "real graphics cards" to be used or tested on linux


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      Originally posted by sheldonl View Post
      While we are hammering on Unity, perhaps we should be hammering on the KDE guys as well.
      I was wondering about that as well. KDE seems to lose compared to unity in terms of performance. That is if you ignore the wealth of issues a benchmark like this has and just take the given numbers..


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        I think LXDE is a very unappreciated DE in the Linux environment, for the blazing speed it provides with a completely functional panel/environment is pretty astonishing and more props should be given to something like that. I have to say also, that I've had less problems (an easier time solving them also when I did) with LXDE than any other DE.

        I would be interested to see how things like Openbox, Enlightenment, Fluxbox and other WMs that can replace environments stack up to the real DEs.


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          I agree on the LXDE sentiment, with the caveat that this has only applied recently. It has improved quite a bit in the past year, but it used to be something of a quirky, buggy mess. Light yes, but quirky. But they seem to have gotten most of those issues worked out.


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            I think would be useful to compare kde performance with desktop effects completly disabled