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VMware Fusion Stuns VirtualBox In CPU Tests

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    That is not logical in several ways for vbox because the 3d support for d3d games is done via wine libs. Then you can use wine directly much faster. Using a vm for games is somehow weird. Maybe in a dedicated setup with vga paththru.


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      Originally posted by bulletxt View Post
      How many legends my friend. i have more than 45 vm running with vbox from over 1 year and they never hanged,always worked perfectly and serve mysql ,apache and java services perfectly. all this with a gpl software. how you dare say oracle doesn't give a shit of vbox?have seen all feateures it supports? have seen there are packages for all major distros? have you seen new features coming with vbox 4.2? this article is just trying to say vmware is great while vbox is crap. he should do the same with kvm, but he wont because red hat is behind it. michael hates oracle,thats the problem here .
      I'm sure you do all those things just fine - experiences vary between setups. The only gripe I have with virtualbox is there is no GPU passthrough, otherwise I think its a nice program. Performance could be better but it isn't bad. Virtualbox supports the least amount of features of all modern x86 VMs. Xen is probably the best VM out there of all, the only problem is it's very user-unfriendly. it too is open source. The article isn't explicitly saying vmware is great and vbox is crap, it is saying that according to those tests, vmware runs better, and it does. As I said before, run the tests yourself and you can't deny that. Even if you weren't to prove this yourslef, your argument is still invalid; Michael seems to dislike Microsoft more than he dislikes Oracle (if he in fact dislikes Oracle at all) and he's proven several times that Windows generally performs better than linux in gaming, and a few other tasks. L4D2 is the 1 exception.

      There are plenty of things out there where a paid closed-source version is better. Oracle does care more about Virtualbox than OpenOffice, but they didn't buy out Sun for Virtualbox. Even when Sun gained ownwership of VB, it was still open source - if Oracle really cared about it, they'd have collaborated with Sun to improve it for their needs. There may have only been 3 significant releases involving more than just bug fixes since Oracle bought out Sun. They have a lot of work to do to catch up with the others. I have no problem with Virtualbox - it is my go-to VM all the time, but I can still admit it has its problems.