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Wine 1.5.10 Defaults To D3D Off-Screen Rendering

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    Originally posted by Ansla View Post
    You missed the point about the epatch_user feature that allows you to still automatically get security updates from the distro's main repository while having your custom patch applied. That just can't be replicated on a binary distro.
    Also, if the package you need to patch is a library and the patch is not easy to back-port to the version you are using and the newer version breaks ABI, then using the patch is going to involve a lot of manual rebuilds on any binary distro.
    I'm pretty sure this is possible using apt-build in debian/ubuntu


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      Originally posted by ChrisXY View Post
      ABS is the arch build system with all the "official" PKGBUILDS from which the repositories are built.
      AUR is the arch user repository where everyone can upload PKGBUILDS. The security is the user who reads the PKGBUILDS before installing them.
      Yes, sorry. It was long time since I used Arch.


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        Originally posted by crazycheese View Post
        I use pulse audio in WINE, in normal apps, everywhere. And it works. On Gentoo, Ubuntu, Linux Mint Debian, Debian, Xubuntu.
        If you can't cook it, feel free to throw it away inclusive all advantages it gives using only 20MiB of RAM. Its your problem.
        I play ETQW via it's Linux *native* client and not using the windows client via WINE.

        ETQW crashes ALWAYS when i try use in-game VOIP in ANY of of those distro excelpt GENTOO that i never try on crashes with all and any distro that uses PulseAudio.

        Notice this happens with buildin audio of my MB.....IIRC, didn't happen with a Sound Blaster card that i used to have.

        Notice that if i use ALSA i don't have any problem whatsoever the a audio card or audio is buildin.

        So, i don't think that problem is with ETQW, is with PulseAudio and my buildin audio

        Yes, i dumped PA and so far i don't miss it.
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          Sounds like it could be a driver issue, you should report that.


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            Originally posted by AJenbo View Post
            Sounds like it could be a driver issue, you should report that.
            To who and where ?

            Funny thing is that my build-in audio is from Realtek....i thought that audio was very common so this was a surprise....this problem lasts since PA appeared....