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Wine 1.5.10 Defaults To D3D Off-Screen Rendering

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    Most issues with pa steams from programs trying to communicate directly with alsa, this is the problem with Wine. Yes pa has a small delay but so does alsa and the entire kernel compared to implementing wine for bare metal. But the delay is sertenly not helped by wine insisting on only having an alsa driver and pa having to emulate the alsa interface to have wine work at the same time as everything else. I'm pretty sure QWET aslo speaks to alsa directly, but don't know how vlc works. But I generally don't have issues with audio over hdmi using pa.


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      For whatever reason audio playback sounds much better via ALSA and not only in VLC but also in other media players....the audio in ETQW some times also simply disappear if using PA (that is not related to VOIP that simply crashes the game)

      As for WINE new version, gonna compile it and try new version to check what happens with some of my STEAM and NO-STEAM games.

      .....and when WINE will finally work with the Company of Heroes DVD installer ?!?

      (I know that works with Steam version....or a pre-installed copy in Windows but is really amazing that no one solved this issue with one of the best RTS ever)


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        Funnily enough I have not actually had that much trouble with VLC and PA myself, actually.

        And ET:QW is running fine for me.


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          I'm not sure what gives on all the PA hate; I've never actually had any issues with it. Works in pretty much every Wine game I've tried. I'm not sure that I could live without per-app volume, so I'm stuck with Pulse. But again, not that I mind much.


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            Most likely quake will ship with an outdated libopenal binary, maybe symlink it to a new one with pa support or compile it yourself.


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              Originally posted by Kano View Post
              Most likely quake will ship with an outdated libopenal binary, maybe symlink it to a new one with pa support or compile it yourself.

              Hmmmmm....I might try the symlink might just work...


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                Geez people!

                This is about WINE + Offscreen rendering (==Video) and you all STILL manage to make it into a PulseAudio thread!

                Grow up!


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                  Originally posted by gav616 View Post
                  Just re-refresh(installed) steam with 1.5.10 now all the text is blank 8( I can't play RO2..
                  same. 12345


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                    For the steam issue:
                    Just go to winehq... There is a bug there:

                    Some stubs for directdraw fontrendering have been added but are not complete yet.

                    wine steam.exe --no-dwrite

                    Or in winecfg go to Libraries, add an override for dwrite.dll and set it to "disable" with the edit thing.

                    Keep in mind that wine 1.4 is the stable version and 1.5 is work in progress.


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                      Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
                      Yes, and very much so! VLC doesn't work with PulseAudio even more than Wine does. You could "fix" the sound problem by reverting to the old interrupt method in PulseAudio, but it's obviously VLC's fault for not supporting the new timer method. A whole lot better fix is to drop VLC and install KMPlayer or such. I have, and I am a lot happier now.
                      Thanks for the tip, I'm not across audio and it's implementation in Linux by a long shot (haven't needed to be).

                      Heh, and sorry kazetsukai... I blame Michael for not explaining D3D Off-Screen Rendering and it's benefits :P