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The Future Of GNOME: Very Optimistic?

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    Originally posted by finalzone View Post
    For that reasoning, any interface can be adapted for tablet with configuration. I would say Gnome Shell is more keyboard > mouse centric. For example, to access an application like terminal, Super Key -> type 'terminal' or Alt+F2 -> type 'terminal'.
    lol or Super Key -> type "t" enter because it autocompletes and at least here terminal is whats selected if you only type in t, or strg+alt+t at least in ubuntu thats preset, dont know if thats vanilla but I think it is? if not just set it under settings somewhere ^^


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      Originally posted by rrohbeck
      I don't need Gnome for that, but I need X-Windows.
      But in any case this discussion moot. RedHat will keep having a GUI which will need to support old graphics cores because they're integrated into the BMC.
      I just checked a Dell R910:
      VGA compatible controller: Matrox Graphics, Inc. MGA G200eW WPCM450
      That's why you can use llvmpipe. Or just X forwarding.

      I checked one of the servers and it also uses that Matrox card. I really had to check. I'd expect most sysadmins to just use SSH and Puppet (or something related). That smclient.. why setup something on the server when you can just forward X? Attaching a monitor to a server seems a bit cumbersome.. plus I don't even have access to the hosting facility :P


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        Originally posted by ninez View Post
        So really, fallback is pretty much just gnome-panel + metacity. which is expected. and here is cinnamon just for kicks;
        System Settings / gnome-control-center has some special code for when it is run under fallback mode (forgot specifics; ask the maintainer if you care). The new authentication dialogs under GNOME shell are coded in a way that they'll show a normal dialog when used under fallback mode. Same for e.g. mounting disks. Loads of software within GNOME 3 ensures that it doesn't rely on GNOME shell.

        Fallback mode is more than a bit of configuration.


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          I was a very happy user of gnome 2x series when kde made 4.0 release wich sucked, but then they really advertized it as beta software and i think by 4.2 they recomanded to be included in distribution for production use.
          I had to use gnome on my 13,3 netbook amd neo x2 was fast and kde at those time was very slow on my machine.
          But with this gnome 3 fiasco i said lets give fedora 17 a go with 4.8 kde. Suprise same cpu memory usage and ram as in old gnome2 same speed, i dont miss anything. Kde is good if u turn off blur and other effects that hurt ur eyes, i still let some of them enabled like wobbly windows. And Fedora has a nice update cicle i will receive kde 4.9 as official update.
          I strongly suggest to give KDE a try. For exp kde 4.0 released in 2008 january only to work 4 years to get to the same speed they had with kde 3.5.10.Yes its prettier more eye candy. So in the end they all reinvent the wheel duplicate efforts just to make it more bling bling and show apple and MS that linux can still make it prettier desktop. To close my logic i suggest revisit Gnome after 2 years i`m sure it will be more usable then. Linux devs dont really take up suggestions and constructive criticism so well, best case scenario they chose to ignore it.

          I really hope Gnome will make 1 edition for netbooks like kde plasma and revive the old 2 panel design used in gnome 2 for desktop users. In my opinion like this they will please any and everyone.


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            Originally posted by adriankx View Post
            I really hope Gnome will make 1 edition for netbooks like kde plasma and revive the old 2 panel design used in gnome 2 for desktop users. In my opinion like this they will please any and everyone.
            No, they *won't* please everyone, because that will annoy those of us who actually like Shell. I'd hate to run it on the small screen and crap CPU/GPU of a netbook, but I think it's a big improvement over the old 2-panel UI for running on a big screen...