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KDE 4.0 Delayed To Winter Release

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  • KDE 4.0 Delayed To Winter Release

    Phoronix: KDE 4.0 Delayed To Winter Release

    It has been announced on the kde-core-devel mailing list that KDE 4.0 has been delayed by two months. KDE 4.0 was originally scheduled for release towards the end of October, but now it won't make it out until at least December 20.

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    well i think it's a good thing. a big project like kde will benefit from extra time. the release schedule was way too tight imho for such a big rewrite of a big project. i expect that developers will change release date again one or two months forward at least once more.

    besides nobody's getting left out in the cold - you can always play with the code from svn if you really can't wait.


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      I'm also on the positive side,

      I test drove the alfa and the beta's until now, and it just wouldn't be up to a full fledged release yet. In my humble opinion.

      Logical decision that had to be made imho, i'll be anticipating the release though.

      There has been kde4 talk since the first branch in the repository, so i believe it's probably better not to give into the pressure too much of releasing it before it's at least in some state of "ready"


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        Good decision.


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          I like it too. But I still think that (If all my favorite KDE apps run in KDE4) I will try to switch to KDE4 sometime around October/November.