I am running a mythtv server which records tv shows to my fedora 7 box. Using my Windows XP box I connect to a SMB share and stream the files. I'm getting about 80-200 kB/sec (using DU meter). Which is too slow to stream the file. The video is very choppy. When I copy over the files (instead of streaming I get 500kB/sec to 7 mB/sec.

What's interesting is when I open up a VNC window to the fedora 7 box. When I open up the vnc window and just leave it the vnc window viewing the linux desktop I can then stream from the samba share the mpeg or avi file at 3.61mB/sec. It makes no sense I have no idea what's going on. If I lower the vnc window (minimize the vnc screen) the streaming slows back down to 100 kB/sec and the video (winamp) starts stuttering. As soon as I restore the vnc window the video plays smoothly and the streaming bit rate resumes. I tried the same thing while copying the file (4GB), when the VNC is lower (minimize to the start bar) or close vnc I get the 500kB/sec to 7 mB/sec rates that I mentioned above. When vnc is running and I can see the desktop the download rate increases to 45 mB/sec - 70 mB/sec. (Gig-E, both are on SATA II drives).

I would really like close down the vnc viewer, but it's unwatchable without it. Does anyone have any idea what's going on and how to fix the problem. I'm glad there is a workaround; however, it's annoying to have VNC up and running.